What we offer for you:


Our company Regalis Trade Ltd. can take ownership of your personal or commercial automotive vehicle and rent it back to you for a small monthly fee.


Your benefits:


         The vehicle will be registered in Bulgaria, part of the European Union.

         We will arrange the registration, taxes and insurance of the vehicle.

         Additional services like maintenance and repairs can be done at attractive and discounted prices for you.

         Granted that used vehicles registered in Bulgaria have to go through inspection once a year so they have to be physically present in the country every year. We will try to do this as fast as possible and as to some this may be disadvantage we see it as an opportunity to service your vehicle for a fraction of the cost that you would pay in other countries. Transportation of the vehicle can be arranged by you or we will offer ways for it to be brought to us for first registration and for the subsequent yearly inspections. Commercial vehicles such as heavy duty trucks have to be inspected every 6 months, but as Bulgaria is a cross road connecting Europe and Asia most of the vehicles go through here multiple times a year.

         If you wish to buy a new vehicle for much lower price that you are used to, dealerships in Bulgaria are selling at discounted prices. We can buy your vehicle for you and you can pick it up or we can register it in Bulgaria. Such vehicles do not have to go through inspection for the first 3 years. 

         All vehicles registered in Bulgaria can be operated everywhere in Europe.


We will issue a rental contract for this vehicle that can be presented to the authorities everywhere in EU upon request. We will also issue legal paperwork such as power of attorney for the automobile authorizing you to sell it to somebody or transfer it back to yourself. This will give you a peace of mind.


Additional benefits of the Bulgarian market are:

         VAT for vehicles is only 20%, taxes and inspection for vehicles are much cheaper than anywhere in EU.

         Certain autos that have the factory N1 certificate can be registered without VAT being paid. This automatically makes the vehicle 20% cheaper.

         Every automotive brand is present on the market.

         Qualified and inexpensive labor force will fulfill all your needs and expectations in the automotive maintenance and repairs.


We will find the best automotive service shop or dealership to work on your vehicle.

We will work with the insurance companies to get you the best quote for insurance valid in all EU and will issue a green card certificate.




Drive safe and follow the road rules and regulations everywhere and at all times. You, as the driver of the vehicle, have to take responsibility of all traffic violations while you operate it. Many people take advantage of the gaps in the system, because while driving in other countries the traffic tickets will not come at all to the owner of a foreign register vehicle.

But please note that despite that we will be the legal owners of your vehicle, all violations done by you have to be acknowledged and you have to take responsibility of them if they ever come to us.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Due to the nature of this business every request has to be individually handled in order to provide the best service for you.


Regalis Trade Ltd.